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Recording TV with Media Center (Windows 7) to a Networked Drive?

by peterdk on February 20th, 2010

ell, you would think that Windows 7’s new MediaCenter would be up to the task of recording your TV to a network share/drive.Too bad, it looks like it’s just not possible.

I have a windows 2008 R2 server, and a Windows 7 machine with a TV card. Since my server has 2TB of storage, it would be nice to record directly to it’s networked drive. (I mounted it as Z:).

I tried the following:

1. Selecting it in Media Center Itself: Not working. Not available.

2. Editing the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Recording , setting RecordPath to Z:\TV. Not working.

3. Editing the registry: setting RecordPath to \\server\TV. Not working.

4. Creating a Symlink (mklink \D) to Z:\TV and \\server\TV and setting that in the registry as RecordPath.

Currently I am out of options. I could ofcourse Install Windows7 on my server, but I have no license for that, and my windows 2008 r2 is free from dreamspark.

Are there people that are succesfully recording to a networked drive/storage?

Update 1
Some friendly soul at suggested using StarWind to make a iSCSI drive. It turns out that it only supports disk-images, so I can only use a pre-allocated 500GB file.

Multiple connections to a single iSCSI target with a NTFS filesystem can result in hosing your filesystem, so it aint a solution for my problem, since I need to acces the recordings also from my laptop drive, without having my media center pc on.

Microsoft oh Microsoft, why do you not just work with Mounted Network Drives…..

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  1. This works nicely. You create a windows scheduler task that runs when a recording finishes and copies over the recorded program. Works fine for me (and i’m running win7 on a 32GB SSD), but remember to use quotes in the batch file if the file path has spaces.

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