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Quick SSH acces with SSHMenu

by peterdk on May 30th, 2008

Tired of opening the console everytime you need to connect to your server, while having the strange habit of closing the terminal every time you are finished with a little task?

Well, that’s really me. I get frustrated time and time again looking at my taskbar and discovering that I closed my terminal while I should have left it open. Fortunately for me and every other person that needs to deal with me, there is a way to avoid this frustration: it’s called SSHMenu.

SSHMenu Screenshot from

SSHMenu is a very easy way to access your servers with a mouseclick. It opens a terminalwindow that immediately connects to the specified server.

It has some drawbacks, main one is that you need to put some effort into a annoyance that is quite little. However, I am starting to see that minor problems that you often encounter aren’t really minor annoyances. Productivity and wellbeing really benefit from solving those little ones.

The only real thing with the program itself is that when you exit a ssh session with “exit”, you’ll loose the terminal too. Since It is quite minor and written in one of my favorite languages (Ruby), I will try to see if I can submit a patch to solve it.

Anyway, It’s a nice way of managing your SSH favorites. Check it out!

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