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Asus DSX on Ubuntu 13.04 Server

by peterdk on September 29th, 2013

I have a DSX card in my server that worked ok on Windows, however I have now switched to Ubuntu.

Although the ALSA page states that the DSX card has no driver yet, it turns out this is not the case. Ubuntu 13.04 has it in it’s kernel, so you only have to install alsa to get going.

For ALSA install instructions on the server: see this weblog
Only the 4 first steps are needed.

Main issue I had was that although

aplay -l

did show the Asus card as card 0, it did not produce any sound. I used


to set all the volumes to 90, but still nothing was heard. It turned out although you can move the sliders it still is “MM” (muted). Press


on the front channel and now it should produce sounds!

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