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Android: USB Connection driver on Windows 7 64bit

by peterdk on April 14th, 2010

I wanted to use my G1 to debug my application. Somehow the offical USB Drivers for android devices do not install on windows 7 64 bit.

The solution for this problem was:

  1. Install PDANet: It installs the drivers correctly.
  2. (Optional) Go to device manager and update the driver of the android device: select the driver from the offical usb driver folder.

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  1. mank permalink

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU. You are a splendiferous being. To all other Windows 7 64-bit / Samsung Galaxy S users – THIS WORKS!

  2. thomas permalink

    I was trying to install pdanet on my laptop and it didn’t work. It kept crashing at the driver part. MyTouch 3g fender edition. Windows 7 64bit.

  3. Alan permalink

    Thank you so much. I tried so many different sites including Samsung, and still nothing worked. This worked the first time!!! Thanks!!!

  4. thanks but didnt work for me. i had to install it manually

  5. hola buenas tarde soy buen hojo mi android 5000 no quiere instalar en mi pc que hago

  6. vijay shelke permalink

    It really works,thanx

  7. Phil permalink

    Thanks! I’ve been screwing around for a while trying to load the various drivers for my new Win 7 machine. Having the ADB driver lets me use MyPhoneExplorer so that I can get screenshots without rooting my phone.

    After a couple of days loading and unloading and rebooting, this was a relief. I didn’t even need to fully install PDANet on my desktop box, just the drivers.


  8. asis permalink

    thanks a lot!!

  9. Sphiwe Mbangwa permalink

    Hey just wanted to thank ya and let
    ya know it works

  10. Jose permalink

    Hi there, just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

  11. Aan permalink

    thank you for the installation procedure, now my PC can detect my Android Phone

  12. SIDER permalink

    Just in the end it says inistallation failed to handshake with device what the hell is up with my phone it really torchers me :((((

  13. srinivaskrishna permalink

    thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou thankyou for thr help thankyou

  14. roger31 permalink

    Thanks a lot. I have Galaxy Nexus and had problems due to bootloader unlock. Followed your way and got success unlocking the bootloader

  15. makdi permalink

    Thank you for sharing. I have tried many different method but fail. With your solution, finally my PC can recognized my motorola xoom. Thank you very much

  16. Mark permalink

    Thanks, this worked perfectly and really helped me out.

  17. rasika permalink

    I correctly installed the PDANET and updated the driver of the android device..But i can’t understand this.(select the driver from the offical usb driver folder)please tell me the way to do this….please…

  18. Went through the installation and it worked.

  19. Shehan permalink

    Hey.. it works..!!
    My phone is not a popular brand, even its manufacturers doesn’t issue a USB driver. This worked fine.

  20. claumedel permalink


  21. Star permalink

    Thank you so much

  22. innocent permalink

    i love the app

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