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Android: Fretter 1.2 released

by peterdk on April 30th, 2010

Today I finished the development of the 1.2 release of Fretter!

Most important improvement is the Zoom view, that allows you to zoom in to a diagram and display additional information like chord notes, component intervals, and fret heights. Really great!

I also added a fresh designed Icon so users don’t have to be appalled by the awful android stock icon.

Full changelog:
1.2 Release
– Added Zoomed View to ResultBrowsers, including navigation options.
– Added multiple layers of diagram information in the Zoomed View, can be toggled by tapping on the zoomed diagram.
– Added manual input as option for Chord Selector
– Instrument Setup now uses a ProgressDialog when loading instruments
– Reverse Chordfinder now also handles full-inversion chords for all instruments except Guitar.
– Faster application startup => unnecessary instrument loading deferred until needed by Instrument Setup
– Added Application Icon
– Added Toast message to inform the user of the zoom-option. Should only display when the user hasn’t used the zoom function once.
– Added Toast message to inform the user of the extra info in the zoom-view. Also should only display until user has tried that functionality.

Bugs Fixed
– Saved Tuning didn’t get auto-selected in Instrument Setup
– 11th fingerposition was missing in the Reverse Chordfinder

Other changes
– Changed emailadres in info screen to
– Added Changelog section to the info screen.

Known Bugs
– When screenorientation gets horizontal due to using physical keyboard, back button gives strange results.

Screenshot of the zoom function:

See Fretter 1.0 post for more information about Fretter.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that if you need an icon for your app, i could help… lemme know

  2. peterdk permalink

    As you can see in the post you just commented at, I added a icon designed by myself, which looks great.

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