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KeyChord – Piano Chords and Scales for Android

by peterdk on August 13th, 2010

I recently launched a quite successful application called “KeyChord”. It’s something like Fretter, but for Piano/Keyboard. You can lookup how to play a lot of different chords and scales.

Full Market Description:
KeyChord is a Dynamic Chord & Scale Dictionary for Piano / Keyboard. Also included is a playable piano with 128 voices.

– 50+ ChordTypes
– 100+ ScaleTypes
– Note Names
– Component Intervals
– Reverse Chord & Scale Lookup, including Partial Chords
– Inversions
– Hear every Chord and Scale
– Playable Piano

It’s available for $2.99

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  1. Mark permalink

    Hi I have paid for this app and I have not received it. Why?
    Nowhere is it mentioned I have to wait but if so please give some type of detail in the check out.
    Please let me know what the hold up is.

  2. Tim permalink

    I purchased KeyChord to install on my Incredible – status in Marketplace shoes as purchased, but I am unable to get the app to install. Please advise.

  3. peterdk permalink

    This problem can happen sometimes. It’s not related to the application, but to the Android Market app or the Android OS system. Most of the time this is solved if you reboot the phone and try again.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Shubham permalink

    Hi peterdk, thanks to share your knowledge, I seen your post at , so please suggest me how you solved your problem. I am also facing same problem.

    id is :

    Thanking you lot

  5. It looks fantabulas I wnt it

  6. This is just what I was looking for. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just got yourself a returning visitor.

  7. Hardy permalink


    Is there any chance of including usb host support (via a usb host/on-the-go cable) so that we can connect up our physical midi keyboards to this great piece of software?

    Superb app by the way!



  8. Tahir iqbal permalink

    Hi Peterdk i have seen your post

    i need your help… i want a code for single octave of piano…
    i hope u’ll help…

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