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KeyChord 2.0 released!

by peterdk on September 18th, 2011

It’s official: KeyChord 2.0 is released for Android. All current owners of the lite and bought version get it freely as a update.

For this overhaul, I redesigned the interface. Or better to say, I did now include a interface. It’s a big step forward from the previous version, as you can see in the screenshots.

Added is now more information on the chord screen, like full chordtype name, intervals and alternative symbols for the same chord. Also the menu option to select the chordtype is very improved. Easy, beautiful and now with a recent and favorite section! New is the Staff View, where you can see the chords and scales on a staff instead of on the keyboard.

Get it on Google Play

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  1. Jesse Lucas permalink

    Truly curious…. why the network permissions?

  2. peterdk permalink

    It’s used when a user OPTS-IN to the anonymous statistics gathering. That helps me to get a view of how the app is used.

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